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Nimble adds greater insight to InfoSight

Nimble Storage, growing at a greater rate than its larger competitors, this week enhanced its analytics program that is considered a leader in the storage world.

Nimble added correlation capabilities to its InfoSight analytics and monitoring program. InfoSight now tracks key performance data to find a potential cause of problems inside the array and over the network. The program automatically notifies the customers of potential problems so they can take action before the problems deepen.

InfoSight, launched in April, 2013, collects performance, capacity, data protection and system health information for proactive maintenance. Customers can access the information on their systems through an InfoSight cloud portal. It can find problems such as bad NICs and cables, make cache and CPU sizing recommendations and give customers an idea of what type of performance they can expect from specific application workloads.

“We used to point out things like the customer has challenges around latency on the volume level. Now if you have a latency spike, we tell you why you are experiencing that spike,”said Radhika Krishnan, Nimble’s VP of solutions and alliances. “We’re getting more granular. We can make precise recommendations on how to fix the problem and give customers a way to work around it – for example, turn off the cache for a particular volume or add cache controller or capacity to improve performance.”

Ed Rollinson, head of IT for British-based marketing services firm Brightsource, said he found InfoSight a pleasant surprise after installing two Nimble Storage arrays to replicate databases for disaster recovery.

“Those reports are incredible powerful,” he said. “We can just click a few buttons and have a report showing us all information we need to predict where you can go in the future for capacity planning. You need to be aware that your replication data sets are getting larger, therefore, if you want to meet RPOs [recovery point objectives], you need to increase your bandwidth. When I tell my directors I want to increase bandwidth, they will ask for all sorts of facts and figures about how and why. Of course, I can work that out, but it will take time. It helps that InfoSight can produce that information for me.”

Nimble is also extending InfoSight to resellers. If customers give their resellers permission, the reseller can access their information inside Nimble’s database and forecast potential problems.

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