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Nexsan adds petabyte NAS

Nexsan today launched its E5510 Network Attached Storage (NAS) system that can scale to just over a petabyte. That makes it the highest capacity member of the vendor’s E5000 Flexible Storage Platform introduced in early August. The E5000 series was Nexsan’s first home-grown NAS array, and the company plans to add iSCSI support in January.

The 3U E5510 can scale  up to 1,080 TB by adding three Nexsan E60 and three E60X expansion chassis to hold a total of 360, 3 TB SATA drives. The system also can be populated with 15,000 RPM SAS or single-level cell (SLC) solid state drives (SSDs). The E5510 has two active/standby NAS controllers so if one fails, the other picks up all operations. The E60 disk arrays have dual, active/active RAID controllers. Each NAS controller has two, six-core Xeon processors and a maximum of 96 Gigabytes of RAM per controller.

The E5510 out-scales Nexsan’s E5310 that supports 720 TB with four E-Series expansion chassis that hold 240 3 TB SATA drives. That system has 48 GB of memory and two, quad-core Xeon processors per controller. “We are not moving up the market,”  Nexsan’s CTO Gary Watson said. “We have a number of customers that are doing multi-petabyte deployments.”

Nexsan also added asynchronous replication support to the E5000 to go with the platform’s synchronous replication, snapshots, thin provisioning and FASTier for high-performance SSD-based cache to boost heavy workloads in applications such as databases or VMware, Xen and Hyper-V environments.

The company also made enhancements to its E-Series block storage systems. It has added a smaller capacity E18X expansion shelf that holds up to 18 SATA, SAS or SSDs. The E-Series also now has a SAS-to-host interface option along with support for 8 Gigabit Fibre Channel and 10-Gigabit iSCSI. The Nexsan E-Series is made up of the E60 storage system, containing 60 drives in a 4U form factor, the 2U E18 system with 18 drives and the 60X expansion unit with 60 drives in a 4U.

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