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Nexenta enhances its open storage platform

Nexenta this week enhanced its open source ZFS-based NexentaStor storage software that includes a code-based migration to the illumos open-source operating system, support for 512 GB memory per cache head, and a faster high availability process.

The NexentaStor is a unified storage platform that supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI for block storage and NFS, CIFS and SMB for files across active/active controllers. It delivers data services such as unlimited snapshots, clones, thin provisioning, inline deduplication, compression and replication across hard drives, all-solid state drives (SSDs) and hybrid configurations.

Thomas Cornely, Nexenta’s vice president of product marketing, said the move to illumos will give customers more flexibility and less vendor lock-in. The company’s customer base swings from those that store from 18 TB to petabytes of data. Nexenta has 2,500 paying customers, 1,000 of which are hosting providers.

“Nexenta 4.0 is a good foundation to expand our target market, which is small configurations and ever-growing bigger configurations. We don’t see much in the middle,” Cornely said.

The latest version of NexentaStor boosts the ability to fail over by 50 percent because the process has been streamlined and fewer steps are involved. This enhancement is particularly important for multi-petabyte configurations where hundreds of drives are involved.

“The enhancements are in multi-threading,” Cornely said.

Another uptime-boosting enhancement is with the Fault Management Architecture (FMA), which intelligently detects failing hardware to reduce application interruptions. When a drive gets slow or is not working well, the FMA capability helps take it out of the RAID storage group.

NexentaStor 4.0 also now supports Sever Message Block (SMB) 2.1 for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and cloud environments.

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