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NetApp’s slogan snafu


The UK’s Channel Register broke the story yesterday that NetApp’s new slogan, ‘Go Further, Faster,’ is kind of, um, already taken. By, er, Halliburton.

Eh, no worries. Not like that company is really well-known or well-connected or anything.

The Register weighs the two slogans:

On one hand, according to the Halliburton recruitment video, the company makes a habit of going further, faster every god damn day. That’s consistency. On the other, NetApp’s video has a 4/5 star rating on YouTube.

“Very cool!” says a commenter who we are sure is not an employee of NetApp. “Awesome,” echoes another completely random observer.

(When vendors get all nitpicky with me, I wonder how they even deal with The Register, or if they just pretend it doesn’t exist, since it’s across the pond anyway.)

And of course you know EMC bloggers are jumping up and down and singing happy tunes about this little gaffe.

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