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NetApp cancels user conference, releases dedupe VTL

NetApp was supposed to hold its first-ever user conference, called NetApp Accelerate, in February, but yesterday put out a press release saying the conference has been cancelled.

“We had more customer interest in NetApp Accelerate than we anticipated,” said Elisa Steele, senior vice president, Corporate Marketing, in a statement. “But those same customers told us their travel budgets were being cut and it was difficult to commit to attending in today’s climate of economic uncertainty. For those reasons, we decided to cancel this year’s program.”

Wachovia financial analyst Aaron Rakers wonders if NetApp cancelled the conference to trim its own budget.

“While it is clear that economic conditions are resulting in more stringent expense controls at enterprises, we do find this as interesting; we believe possibly a result of NetApp’s own focus on operating expense control,”Rakers wrote in a note to clients.

NetApp said it will be release technical content that had already been prepared for the show between February and May next year.

Today, NetApp said its long-awaited data deduplication feature for its virtual tape library product has finally arrived. The feature, like NetApp’s primary storage dedupe, will be free for new and existing customers. NetApp has taken a contrarian approach to dedupe. It was the first major storage vendor to offer dedupe for primary data — building the capability into its operating system — but the last of the VTL vendors to add dedupe for backup.

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Alastair rightly states that in the process of moving to a public cloud model, IT still has to continue keep the lights on. The push to such a model comes from the belief that it will save money, which in some cases is absolutely true. I have however heard from a number of IT professionals who have done pilot public cloud projects, only to pull them back when they realized that (in their words) "pennies per VM add up fast." I encourage organizations to do the proper cost benefit analysis as part of cloud migration planning.

Mark Jamensky
Executive Vice President, Products
Embotics Corporation
Thanks Alastair Cooke for this wonderful article. Any thoughts on how companies are planing their budget while using spot instances?