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NetApp, Oracle call ZFS truce

NetApp and Oracle today dropped their lawsuits against each other, ending their three-year legal scuffle over patents related to ZFS.

NetApp issued a release saying both sides agreed to dismiss their suits, but kept terms of the agreement confidential.

“For more than a decade, Oracle and NetApp have shared a common vision focused on providing solutions that reduce IT cost and complexity for thousands of customers worldwide,” NetApp CEO Tom Georgens said in the release. “Moving forward, we will continue to collaborate with Oracle to deliver solutions that help our mutual customers gain greater flexibility and efficiency in their IT infrastructures.”

The lawsuits go back to before Georgens was NetApp’s CEO and before Oracle had anything to do with ZFS. The dispute actually began in 2006 when ZFS Sun accused NetApp of violating Sun patents. NetApp then sued Sun for patent infringement in Sept. 2007, and Sun counter-sued a month later. Oracle inherited the suits when it acquired Sun this year, with litigation still pending. Oracle and NetApp began working on an out-of-court settlement soon after the Oracle-Sun deal closed.

There was collateral damage, too. In May, Coraid pulled its EtherDrive Z-Series NAS after NetApp claimed the product infringed on its ZFS patents and threatened to sue. Coraid has not yet said if the settlement means it can resume selling the Z-Series.

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