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Nakivo adds Synology support to its backup software

Nakivo this week upgraded its Backup and Replication software, adding support for Synology RackStation and DiskStation NAS devices for virtual machine backup in VMware environments and to the Amazon Cloud.

In October, the company created a similar installer for Western Digital NAS devices for virtual machine appliances that are onsite and  offsite. The latest software install supports up to 20 Synology NAS models and next year Nakivo plans to support QNap NAS systems.

“Our requirements are quite modest,” said Sergei Serdyuk, Nakivo’s director of product management. “We support everything that has one gigabyte of RAM and two CPUs. Our software runs right on the [NAS] box. You don’t have to go through any protocols like CIFS. The installment has been made very simple and should not be a problem.”

Nakivo Backup and Replication runs on a physical or virtual machine within a VMware environment and helps boost backup speeds when the software is deployed directly on a Synology NAS. The backup data is written directly to the NAS disks, bypassing NFS and CIFS protocols.

The backup and replication software can use the available space on the NAS device to store virtual machine backups. The VMware data is automatically deduplicated at the block level so that only the unique data is written to the virtual machine backup repository.

The data deduplication works on a global level across the entire backup repository so that all the data from all the virtual machine backups are factored in. After the virtual machine data is deduplicated, the software automatically compresses each block of data to save space in the backup repository.