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NEC delivers HydraStor integration with Symantec's OST

NEC Corp. of America said today that its HydraStor grid backup and archive storage system has been integrated with Symantec’s OpenStorage API (OST) to give Symantec NetBackup users direct control over HydraStor for data deduplication and replication.

OpenStorage, first launched in late 2006, allows NetBackup users to control when backup images are created, duplicated and deleted using disk backup targets. The storage device controls the “how” through processes like deduplication, single instancing, compression and performing replication. NEC supports the base plugin, which authenticates HydraStor devices automatically with the NetBackup media server and records events kicked off by NetBackup within the HydraStor grid back to the NetBackup catalog.

Other OST partners with their own integration already on the market include EMC/Data Domain, IBM Diligent, FalconStor, NetApp and Sepaton. Some of these partners, such as Data Domain, claim their OST integration boosts the performance of data deduplication appliances through a portion of the API that allows the native I/O stack to the disk backup appliance to be replaced with an optimized one.

According to director of product marketing Gideon Senderov, NEC is taking a differnt approach with a feature it calls OpenStorage Dynamic I/O,. This feature will allow NetBackup to control and optimize I/O load-balancing across the HydraStor grid. This customized integration between the two products included walking a fine line between potentially losing efficiency by dynamically distributing jobs across too many controllers and potentially losing load-balancing flexibility if I/O patterns are too static, Senderov said.

The NEC integration will also offer one other value-add feature, which NEC calls OpenStorage Optimized Copy. This allows for NetBackup to control the creation of backup copies in the HydraStor system, including off-site copies.

Senderov said the base plugin and Dynamic I/O will be available at no additional charge for HydraStor customers. But OpenStorage Optimized Copy will come at a price of $7000 per HydraStore accelerator node.

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