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Moving On

Imagine if the development of the Internet had stopped here…

…or if 1 GB of disk drive space had never developed beyond this.

Individual careers in the fast-paced world of technology are just as subject to change.

Five years ago, I was working two jobs, a typical 40-hour-a-week office job by day and a ‘stringer’ position for a local newspaper by night. I had graduated from college into what was then the worst job market since the Great Depression (as we all know, sadly, it has since been surpassed).

I knew I wanted to go into journalism, but couldn’t find a way in the door at traditional “dead tree” media publications. Sometime in the early spring of 2005, it dawned on me that the stringer position was aptly named — I was being strung along, but a full-time job on the paper’s staff was probably not in the cards.

That’s when I entered the word “writer” into a job search site, and a job description caught my eye for a “News Writer” position being offered at a company I’d never heard of before. I did the customary interviews, and was then hired on to the best job I’ve ever had.

It hasn’t just been technology I’ve gotten the chance to learn while working as a news writer for the Storage Media Group at Tech Target. It’s also given me a opportunity that’s becoming increasingly rare in today’s world: the chance to gain irreplaceable experience as a young writer covering a daily beat. Tech Target hired me with virtually no technology experience, and gave me the opportunity to establish a career for myself.

That’s why I’m happy to say that as I move to the next step in that career, it will still be as a Tech Target employee, in the Data Center and Server Virtualization Group.

Part of the “reporter’s personality” is being a naturally curious person. The need to know, to find out, to keep learning more, is deeply ingrained in a mind that is journalistically inclined. Which is why, though I have grown quite comfortable in the storage industry in the last five years, it has come time for me to begin broadening my technical expertise again.

I’m a nerd from way back. The only activity I’ve enjoyed more in my life than writing was being a student. Now, I want to understand other facets of the enterprise IT infrastructure. I want to keep learning, keep growing, the same way the technologies we all work with continually develop and advance. An opportunity to do just that, while remaining with a company that can provide me with the means to develop as a journalist and learn on the job, as Tech Target can, is an opportunity that’s just too good to pass up, just as it was when I first joined this company half a decade ago.

We’ve all seen how way leads on to way in enterprise IT, how paths cross, companies and technologies integrate and consolidate — and thus I anticipate remaining in touch with the brilliant people I’ve had the good fortune to get to know while covering this market. Data storage remains a crucial aspect of the evolution of digital technologies in our modern age, and that’s one thing I don’t see changing.

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