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Microsoft, EMC get closer

EMC and Microsoft announced a partnership today under which Microsoft will integrate EMC’s Smarts network discovery and modeling software into future versions of Microsoft’s Systems Center Operations Manager. The companies also said they will be working on common models for networking and storage, going forward.

In October 2006, EMC said it would integrate its Documentum enterprise content management system with Microsoft’s Office and SharePoint 2007, SQL Server 2005, and enterprise search offerings.

And prior to that, in January 2006, EMC strengthened its Microsoft competencies by acquiring Internosis Inc, a specialist consulting and service provider for Microsoft shops.

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Do you find that VDI improves or reduces your desktop security?
I do not completely agree about VDI creating security issues.

Vdi an be accessed offline today. About accessing from any device it's a matter of time that ll handheld devices will soon allow access to vdi. The BYOD presents a challenge of diversity of clients but other than that vdi would still have more advantages over physical desktops. Centralized management allows managing large scale deployments efficiently. Just my 2 cents
At issue is that state of the home computer accessing the virtual environment. Key logger and screen scraper exploits are outside the VDI security perimeter.
Some interesting views in this post but I think there are a few minor inaccuracies that warrant setting the record straight. For one, the point on external access creating new security challenges is a misnomer. VDI by design doesn’t allow external access. It just simplifies the way you can give external access. Just because internet allows you to exchange information doesn’t mean one can blame internet as a vulnerable technology. It’s up to the administrators to secure them appropriately. There are many ways we can secure external VDI access and we’ve proven its possible here:
Secondly, on the issue of managing an environment where PCs and virtual desktops exist. This doesn’t necessarily mean managing more systems. One can simply lock down the PCs(end-points) and multiple VD’s can be managed through golden image (500 – 1). Of course moving all your systems to thin clients is the ideal scenario but even if not, its not as cumbersome as it is made out to be.
-Sivakumar Ramamurthy
Anunta Tech
depends on implementation