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Microsoft Azure adds Talon's CloudFAST to marketplace

Microsoft Azure is throwing its weight behind startup Talon Storage, offering Talon’s CloudFAST file sharing and acceleration software available from the Azure Marketplace.

CloudFAST for Azure StoreSimple is a joint offering between Talon and Microsoft Azure’s StorSimple cloud storage. CloudFAST Core software runs on-premise on StorSimple appliances, which cache the most active data and send other files to Azure. CloudFAST Edge runs in remote offices, caching files and sending them to the Core system in the data center. CloudFAST’s features such as global namespace and file locking allow collaboration among workers in different locations without losing data because it gets overwritten.

Representatives from Talon and Microsoft said they have integrated CloudFAST for StorSimple, and customers can buy CloudFAST directly from the Azure Marketplace instead of buying CloudFAST from Talon and setting up an Azure account.

CloudFAST for StorSimple costs three cents per GB per month. That would come to $9,200 per year for 25 TB of data center file storage, $36,800 for 100 TB and $148,000 for 400 TB.

While other cloud NAS vendors allow customers to choose between public clouds, Talon senior vice president Charles Foley said Azure is the only cloud partner for CloudFAST. Foley said Azure is the best fit because CloudFAST is used primarily for Windows and is an enterprise product.

“We’re putting our wood behind the Microsoft arrow,” Foley said. “Microsoft is the number one enterprise vendor in the world by virtually any spending survey you look at. Azure is an enterprise cloud platform. Our target customer is not a small business. Our target customer is looking for collaboration and distance- based performance. If you’re separated by oceans and continents, you probably need us.”

Azure partners with many software vendors, but Microsoft Azure director of product marketing Badri Venkatachari said Talon’s file locking adds value for StorSimple customers.

“A lot of our customers feel the need for a data center consolidation and collaboration story,” Venkatachari said. “Talon offers a storage layer with file locking. The storage platform sits in the data center and extends to branch offices. Think of Talon as a software layer and StorSimple as the storage platform.”

Web printing company Cimpress has been using StorSimple and Talon together since late 2015, soon after Talon launched CloudFast for Microsoft Azure File Service.. Mike Benjamin, manager of enterprise applications at Cimpress, said the combination helps him manage file storage for more than 7,000 employees across 50 worldwide locations. He called CloudFAST “tailor-made for my team” because it runs on Windows, and said its file-locking was a feature he sought for years. Benjamin said he previously tried DAS, NAS, SAN, WAN acceleration and other cloud appliances but could not find the required level of performance and user experience.

“Talon allows us to distribute our files so they can be consumed and collaborated on in a global fashion,” he said. “The way our teams are collaborating, they were stepping on each other, and my [IT] team had to ease the burden. We were looking for robust file locking.”

Benjamin also cited Talon’s visual indicator that shows which files are in cache and which are in the cloud. “The user knows if it’s in the cloud it will take an extra second to be brought down,” he said.

He said while CloudFAST isn’t as fast as an on-premise file server, it’s fast enough for the files his users deal with – mostly Office files. “You’re not going to get the same performance you get with a local file server but you get the global collaboration, so there’s a trade off,” Benjamin said.