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Metalogix retools its Essentials for Office 365

Cloud software provider Metalogix recently announced an enhanced version of its Essentials for Office 365 with backup support for Exchange Online mailboxes, a granular migration function and a security and permissions management tool.

The company’s Essentials for Office 365, a content management product, now supports backup and data protection for Microsoft Exchange. It allows IT administrators to to backup and restore data from Exchange Online mailboxes. The software comes preloaded with multiple applications that collects the data under a single console platform.

“The stock and trade of our company is migration. We continue to enhance that capability but we are also moving beyond that,” said Abe Peled, Metalogix’s CEO. ”

The software also was upgraded with more granular migration capabilities to move content, lists, libraries, workflows, permissions and metadata from multiple sources. The software also can connect to online file-sharing tools like Dropbox and Box to migrate data in and out of those systems.

A new Information Manager tab allows users to “put the controls right in the ribbon of their SharePoint interface.” The Essentials for Office 365 platform is fully compatible with the SharePoint 2016 beta, bringing the functionality across all versions of SharePoint. Users can take on-premise SharePoint file shares and bring it into the cloud-based Office 365 as a way to consolidate application management and tag, move, upload and download data in bulk.

The Essential for Office 365’s security also was enhanced with new security and permission management capabilties that include the ability to discover, analyze and manage users and permissions across multiple sites. The software can identify sensitive content and analyze it for pattern recognition, identify orphan data and revoke permissions.

Terri McClure, senior analyst at ESG Research, said Metalogix has retooled its Essentials for Office 365.

“It’s a new content lifecycle management platform,” she said. “Before they were primarily focused on migration capabilities. Now they are helping to do content lifecycle management across heterogeneous platforms, across multiple cloud services.”