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Marc Farley, citing allergies, bolts Dell/EqualLogic

The turnover that often occurs when a large company buys a smaller one has begun at Dell/EqualLogic, about seven months after Dell closed its $1.4 billion acquistion of the iSCSI SAN vendor. The most visible of these departures was delivered via vlog by Inside IT blogger and Dell/EQL evangelist Marc Farley, who gave his reason for leaving as “I’m not much of a big-company guy. I don’t know if I’m allergic to them, or what.” Farley said he’d be going to work for a smaller storage vendor, but didn’t specify which.

This is similar to what I heard recently from Roman Kichorowsky, former director of PR for EqualLogic, whose name is on a Dell press release as recently as July 10 but who has now moved on to FalconStor.

It’s not unusual for employees to leave in these kind of acquisitions. There are real cultural differences with almost every merger, and you’ll always find people who smile big until the press coverage dies down, wait for options to vest, and then get out.

But Dell’s retention of EqualLogic’s service and support staff as well as channel partners were major concerns for EqualLogic customers after the acquisition. The departure of PR and marketing people almost surely won’t affect the customers. But it’s worth keeping an eye on who else chooses to exit.

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