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Kazeon and Clearwell square off in e-discovery price prizefight

I need to start a category on this blog called “Vendorfights.” Today’s squabble comes from two e-discovery players. In this corner: Kazeon, which recently announced that they can do your data collection work for the price of a latte. In this corner: Clearwell, whose corporate blogger responded to that with snark:

The answer (in press releases, as in politics) lies in definitions. Exactly what sort of processing would you be getting for your four dollars and change?

You’ll have to ask Kazeon to get the answer to that one, but give a venti latte to a bleary-eyed e-discovery service provider who’s just pulled an all-nighter preparing for a meet-and-confer, and they’ll tell you all about the nuances, complexities, and risks inherent in e-discovery processing that may be difficult for enterprise search/information lifecycle management vendors to grasp.

I found out about this from a Kazeon rep (despite how severely Clearwell dissed his them). To the contrary, Kazeon sees this as the start of a price war in this space as competitors flood in.

Another e-discovery blogger (Who knew there were so many?) agrees:

Any way you crunch the numbers, position the cost or spin the offering, it is just flat alarming and bordering on unbelievable for both users and technology vendors in the eDiscovery market. Bottom line, whether or not you believe that Kazeon is comparing true eDiscovery apples with the rest of the apples in the market, it doesn’t matter as this is definitely the first shot across the bow of the rest of the eDiscovery vendors..

It’s a draw for me so far, being new to this debate. What do YOU think?

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It's a silly argument because the two vendors do completely different things -- Kazeon is a data collection/culling product that filters terabytes down to litigation-relevant gigabytes or megabytes at high speed; Clearwell excels at searching through those relevant megabytes and finding smoking guns or exculpatory evidence...true e-discovery. So Kazeon is the bigger end of the funnel, and Clearwell is the microscope at the smaller end of it. Simple to distinguish. Totally different value props. The two make a great team.
Beth: E-discovery is such a complex topic. As businesses create ever-growing mountains of electronic records, lawsuits fight over the records in e-discovery and record retention disputes. Knowing that litigation is inevitable, businesses can use technology proactively to render the records potentially more benign. --Ben
athgeek's earlier comment seems a bit simplistic. these two are clearly direct competitors. another company of interest in this comparision is seagate/metalincs. seagate bought metalincs last year.
Care to elaborate RV? You can't say something is simplistic without explaining yourself...