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Index Engines revs its discovery appliance

By Todd Erickson, News and Features Writer

Index Engines is giving its e-discovery platform a facelift with a new look and new features.

Index Engines renamed its products, bringing them all under the new Octane brand. The latest version is Octane 4, and has a re-designed GUI and compliance archive to make it easier to search and collect data.

Index Engines added a departmental archive to its policy-based information management platform to let storage administrators and legal teams capture, retain and secure litigation and compliance related files and email messages. The scalable archive can be created within the Octane 4 appliance or on another disk for long-term retention and legal collection.

Jim McGann, Index Engines’ vice president of marketing, called the new archive a “sandbox” for legal and compliance teams because once the archive is populated, lawyers can narrow and refine searches for relevant litigation and compliance related data.

The 2U Linux-based appliance hooks into the network and can auto-discover information sources based on IP addresses, or you can point it at your file, email and backup resources. The collection engine can collect data from many sources, including file shares, Exchange servers, and diskand tape backup.

Customers can scan and copy information into the archive based on user created policies — such as date ranges, custodians, document types, and keywords — and schedule it to automatically collect changed or new files.  This means storage administrators working with legal teams don’t have to keep going back to do new searches to update the archive.

Pricing for an Octane 4 appliance  starts at $50,000 for 100-user accounts.

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