News Stay informed about the latest enterprise technology news and product updates. promises AWS-like storage in the data center

Newcomer is the latest software startup that will try and deliver the Holy Grail of storage  — the ability to provision and manage on-premise capacity the same way as in Amazon Web Services (AWS). calls its software a virtualized data services architecture, similar language copy data management vendor Actifio used when it launched in 2010 and others have adopted. There does seem to be some copy data management in’s software along with features that help developers and application owners provision and manage storage. gave a peek under the hood this week but is still months away from a shipping product.

“When people go to Amazon, they don’t know anything about the infrastructure,” founder and CTO Haron Yaviv said. “You go through APIs and define policies. Enterprise storage today is legacy storage – you go to IT, say ‘Provision this stuff for me, this is the performance I need, go run backups against my data’ and so on. We said, let’s take Amazon features and extend it to enterprise storage. It’s all self-service. Most of the work is for the application users and developers. They create policies and provisions, just like they’re using Amazon.”

Haviv said software will be sold either as software-only or on an appliance, and he expects cloud providers to be a target customer as well as enterprises looking to build private clouds. He gives no target ship date but said plans to launch by the end of 2016.

Here is what promises its software will do:

  • consolidate data into a high-volume, high-velocity, real-time data repository designed that virtualizes and transforms data on the fly, exposes it as streams, messages, files, objects or data records consistently, and stores it on different memory or storage tiers;
  • seamlessly accelerate popular application frameworks including Spark, Hadoop, ELK, or Docker containers;
  • offer enterprises a 10x-to-100x improvement in time-to-insights at lower costs;
  • leverage deep data insights to provide best-in-class data security, a critical need for data sharing among users and business units.

Its goals include the ability to enable stateless application containers in a cloud-type approach, provide access to data from multiple applications and users, and to simplify deployment and management. Haviv said it will run on flash, NVM, in the cloud, and on block and file storage.

If you’re wondering, the vendor’s name comes from the cascading Iguazu Falls on the border of  Argentina and Brazil – signifying data cascading into a single stream. The Israel-based startup was founded in 2014 and has $15 million in funding. Its other founders include CEO Asof Somekh, formerly of Mellanox and Voltaire, and COO Yaron Segev, who founded all-flash array pioneer XtremIO and sold it to EMC.