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IDrive cloud introduces 'private' property

Backup vendor IDrive has added the private cloud to its repertoire, allowing customers to keep backup data on premises as well as in the public cloud.

The IDrive Private Cloud appliance features 6 TB of on-premises backup with the ability to access and manage from anywhere. The product also includes 6 TB of IDrive cloud backup space. The IDrive Private Cloud software is the same as the vendor’s public cloud software.

“The best part of the whole thing is it’s the exact same IDrive Client as the public cloud,” IDrive CEO Raghu Kulkarni said. “There’s no learning curve [for current IDrive public cloud users].”

Kulkarni said IDrive users and partners often requested a private cloud option. Businesses also wanted to store data locally and be able to access it through the cloud.

The IDrive software backs up data from multiple computers locally to the IDrive server. Data is encrypted in transit and in storage, with AES 256-bit encryption and an optional private key. The software protects servers and individual files.

Backing up  the data locally makes for faster restores than from a public cloud. Users can access data from anywhere online, according to the vendor. The product scales to hundreds of terabytes and can handle an unlimited number of users. Its dashboard can manage the backup of hundreds of users, and monitor reporting and data usage.

The client for the IDrive cloud can restore 10 previous versions of backed up files from an account. It also combines backups from multiple devices — PCs, Macs and mobile — into a single account.

The IDrive Private Cloud brings enterprise-level functionality to small businesses and some medium-sized companies, Kulkarni said.

IDrive claims 3 million users of its public cloud. Small businesses make up 30-40% of that figure, Kulkarni said.

Since the software is the same, any improvement IDrive cloud makes to its public option will be available almost immediately for the private product as well.

Pricing for IDrive Private Cloud starts at an introductory rate of $1,000 for the first year for the 6 TB appliance with 6 TB of cloud backup space. Regular pricing is $2,000 per year. More space is available upon request.