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IDrive Vault hurdles into data protection market

IDrive has opened its vault to offer a new hybrid backup appliance, touting the product as feature-rich but affordable data protection.

The IDrive Vault, available now, provides 4 TB of local storage and 4 TB of cloud backup space. It’s compatible with the IDrive cloud.

“It’s a nice little package and a good disaster recovery solution,” said Matthew Harvey, senior business development manager at IDrive.

Target customers include SMBs and small to mid-sized enterprises, Harvey said.

The IDrive Vault appliance costs $1,000 per year, including the 4 TB of cloud backup space. Each additional year of cloud backup costs $1,000. For a limited time, IDrive is offering the Vault appliance at $500 for the first year.

Harvey said one of the keys to the appliance is its affordability. He also noted it can back up an unlimited number of servers and endpoint devices.

IDrive Vault’s other major elements include:

• Local snapshotting: Users can roll back to any previous snapshots of files or folders
• Time Machine backup: Users can back up a drive locally and push it to the cloud
• Security: Data transferred from the appliance to the cloud is protected with 256-bit AES encryption, with an optional private key known only to the user

“The market has always wanted more features,” Harvey said.

IDrive has been working on the appliance since early this year, following market demand and suggestions from its customers. The IDrive Vault hybrid backup will be especially helpful in the fight against ransomware, Harvey said.

Vault customers can also use the IDrive Express service, which involves requesting a hard drive from the company and sending it back with data to be backed up in the IDrive cloud within five to seven days.

Users can return IDrive Vault and cancel the account within 30 days to receive a full refund. Since the device is on subscription lease, a user who cancels must return it.

A new reporting tool added this week into IDrive business accounts provides a clear visibility to administrators of the status of all sub-accounts, so they can see username, device name, user status, last activity and last backup status. Harvey said that the reporting tool is for IDrive’s software and is not specific to the Vault, but it can be accessed with the IDrive cloud.