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IDC: Backup appliance revenue grew for 2015

Factory revenue for backup appliances  soared to $1.05 billion in the fourth quarter and $3.35 billion for 2015 – up 2.5% over 2014 – according to statistics released last week by International Data Corp. (IDC).

IDC Research Manager Liz Conner said the fourth-quarter figure marked only the second time that revenue from what IDC calls the Purpose-Built Backup Appliances (PBBA) market has hit $1 billion for a quarter. The $1.05 billion represented a 4.1% increase over fourth-quarter revenue for 2014.

Conner said via a prepared statement that  backup appliance vendors have been adapting to industry trends by “putting greater emphasis on backup and deduplication software, meeting recovery objectives, [offering] the ability to tier to the cloud” and improving ease of use.

Worldwide PBBA capacity grew to 1,160 petabytes (PB) in the fourth quarter, a spike of 25.6% compared to the same period in 2014, according to IDC. Annual capacity rose to 3.3 exabytes, a 23.1% increase over 2014.

EMC continued to dominate the  backup appliance market, generating more than one-third of its total annual revenue in the fourth quarter. Its fourth-quarter revenue of $707.9 million represented 67.7% market share and 10.6% growth over Q4 in 2014. For 2015, EMC’s revenue exceeded $2 billion, as the company captured 61.4% market share.

Symantec was a distant second with $479 million in annual revenue and 14.3% market share in 2015. Symantec closed out the year with $125.1 million in fourth-quarter revenue – an 8.1% increase over the same quarter in 2014. In January, Symantec completed the sale of its Veritas division, which includes the NetBackup and Backup Exec products, to The Carlyle Group.

Rounding out the top five in annual revenue were IBM ($165.7 million), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE, with $150.3 million) and Barracuda ($88.1 million). IBM’s revenue was down 19.5% compared to 2014, but HPE (11.7%) and Barracuda (32.6%) saw substantial growth.

Behind EMC and Symantec in the fourth quarter of 2015 were IBM ($41.6 million), HPE ($40.7 million) and Dell ($23.6 million). Dell’s revenue grew 16.5% in Q4 2015 versus Q4 2014.

For its PBBA market sizing, IDC includes products that integrate the data movement engine (backup application) with the appliance as well as products that serve only as a target for incoming backup application data.