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IBM shrinks SVC, prepares TSM dedupe

IBM spent some time last summer revamping its storage systems, with a new midrange DS5000 system and the first version of the XIV under its brand. Big Blue hasn’t been neglecting software, though. Today IBM launched an entry level version of its SAN Volume Controller (SVC) that uses its same storage virtualization software on a less expensive server. And coming soon: data deduplication with Tivoli Storage Manager  (TSM).

IBM System Storage SVC Entry Edition is limited in scale (up to 60 disk drives) and runs on a System x3250 single-socket server instead of the dual-core System x3550 that the standard SVC runs on. The idea is to make it more affordable for smaller companies – the entry edition is priced per disk drive with a starting configuration costing around $35,000 for five drives. The regular SVC is priced per usable capacity, starting at $50,000 for 1 TB. Customers who buy the entry edition can convert to the standard SVC later.

“This is not an SVC Light,” said Chris Saul, marketing manager for  SVC. “It does everything our existing SVC does.” That includes the thin provisioning IBM recently added. Saul said he expects thin provisioning to be attractive to SMBs. IBM also added SVC support for IBM’s XIV and DS5000, IBM’s Diligent VTL deduplication gateway, HDS Universal Storage Platform and HP XP20000/XP24000 arrays and works with Microsoft Hyper-V. The entry level SVC will be available Nov. 21.

IBM is also planning dedupe in it’s the next version of its TSM  backup software, due out around December or January. “TSM will have dedupe with TSM server in the next release,” said Kelly  Beavers, IBM’s director of storage software. Bearvers said dedupe will be at the TSM server layer. “The next step is data dedupe on the client side, then with Files X software for remote office,” she said.


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