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IBM finds a slot for Fusion-io

Weeks after rolling out solid-state drive (SSD) support in its SAN Volume Controller (SVC) based on SSDs from STEC, IBM has confirmed official support for Fusion-io — the partner it first worked with to preview SSDs in SVC.

However, rather than the SVC storage virtualization appliance, Fusion-io Flash storage will go inside System x servers in a “server-deployed storage tier,” according to the IBM press release. IBM calls the device IBM High IOPS SSD PCIe Adapter for System x. It’s available in 160 GB and 320 GB capacities.

When IBM disclosed its STEC partnership for SVC, it was a surprise, given the work it had already done with Fusion-io in a test bed it called Project Quicksilver. IBM officials said they went with STEC drives instead because Fusion-io’s devices would be a separate unit attached to the SVC, while STEC’s SSDs fit inside the SVC and require less rack space and power requirements for customers.

IBM is aiming the High IOPS Adapter based on Fusion-io at use cases such as “data-heavy graphics and 3-D renderings from medical research.”

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