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HyTrust rekindles DataGravity analytics for multicloud storage

HyTrust has revived DataGravity’s data-aware storage technology, six months after scooping up the startup’s assets.

Cloud infrastructure specialist HyTrust today launched the CloudAdvisor automated framework to detect, classify and protect compliance-sensitive data in multiple clouds and software-defined data centers. The CloudAdvisor virtual appliance integrates DataGravity’s data analytics and data tagging.

HyTrust CloudAdvisor continuously monitors content and notifies users of suspicious activities. It scans and classifies data stored in multiple clouds and physical data centers based on the data’s value.  Automated policy enforcement provides data protection.

Target customers include data centers with a high volume of unstructured data storage and firms in regulated industries.

HyTrust CEO Eric Chiu said DataGravity’s automated data classification and data discovery provide key ingredients in CloudAdvisor.

“We took the DataGravity technology and repackaged it as a software appliance, starting with things like virtual machines and backup copies. Our goal is to define, detect and defend unstructured data, which is proliferating to the point that companies really don’t know where it exists,” Chiu said.

In another case, Chiu said one HyTrust customer lacked specific insight on the type of data in its files

“We did a scan of their VMs and found about 10,000 credit-card numbers and Social Security numbers in a public share,” he said. “The customer had no idea they were just sitting there. I think that’s going to be par for the course” as companies store increasingly vast data sets.

Using the cloud as a storage tier took a few years of getting used to, but companies have decided to use multiple hybrid clouds to reduce storage costs and boost disaster recovery.  The multi-cloud approach is expected to gain further acceptance in response to General Data Protection Compliance that takes effect in European Union countries in 2018.

Ex-EqualLogic executives Paula Long and John Joseph launched DataGravity in 2014. The company emerged from stealth with data-aware Discovery Series hybrid arrays that combined metadata analytics with advanced data discovery, indexing and governance.

Long and Joseph dropped the hardware arrays in favor of a software-defined storage business model in 2015, but the move came too late.  By that time, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and machine learning were already taking hold.  HyTrust swooped in to pick up DataGravity technology in an asset sale in June.