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Hitachi Data Systems tiers up its cloud platform

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has enhanced its cloud storage platform for people who want to use the public cloud as a tier.

The vendor made changes to three cloud products – the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), HCPAnywhere and Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI). HCP is object-based software that serves as HDS’s main cloud platform and can run on any of its hardware products. HCP Anywhere is the file sync and share software introduced a year ago that lets mobile devices access HCP. HDI is what HDS calls its “cloud on-ramp” that lets companies connect to the cloud from remote offices. All three can run as virtual appliances.

With HCP 7 launched this week HDS added cloud adaptive tiering, which lets customers move data on and off Amazon, Google and Microsoft public clouds. The policy-based tiering controls what data is kept on-premise and what data goes to a public cloud. New synchronization capabilities let customers sync data across active sites. The new tiering and synch features let companies store data local and in the cloud and access them through mobile devices.

“We’ve become a cloud broker,” HDS CTO Peter Sjoberg said. “Anything brought into HCP can be sent out to any cloud. The information flows through HCP, but the metadata is retained in the data center. The information can go to your cloud of choice.”

Because HDI caches data that is used locally, there is less of a need for WAN optimization for remote sites. HDS also says the new features alleviate the need to do distributed backups across site. “You don’t have to pop a tape in,” said Tanya Loughlin,HDS director of file, object and cloud product marketing at HDS.

Making it easier for end users to share information could solve a BYOD headache caused by people using their own devices in their own way, or as Sjoberg put it, “going rogue, and going around IT.”

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