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Hitachi Data Systems adds midrange NAS, courtesy of BlueArc

Hitachi Data Systems today put its brand on the midrange NAS system first launched by its OEM partner BlueArc in July.

The Hitachi NAS 3080 and 3090 are rebranded BlueArc Mercury 50 and 100 systems. The vendors claim the 3080 performs at more than 60,000 IOPS per node and the 3090 at over 100,000 IOPS per node. The 3080 scales to 1 PB, and the 3090 hits 2 PB.

Like BlueArc, HDS bills the new platform as a midrange system for commercial applications rather than a high performance computing (HPC) NAS system. Street pricing begins at $70,000 for an entry-level configuration. Besides price, the biggest difference between the 3080/90 and the HDS 3100 high-end systems is the size of the clusters they support. The 3080 supports two-node clusters, the 3090 clusters four nodes and the 3100 and 3200 scale to eight nodes. HDS sees the 3080/90 as a companion to its Adaptable Modular Storage (ASM) midrange SAN platform and the 3100/3200 continuing to accompany its Universal Storage Platform (USP) enterprise SAN arrays.

On top of the BlueArc hardware, HDS adds the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite to search and index data across all HDS storage and Hitachi Content Archive Platform (HCAP) for policy-based file migration and tiering. “We’re trying to make intelligent file tiering, or HSM, cool again,” said Fred Oh, HDS senior product marketing manager for NAS, “We’re bringing what’s been popular on the high end to the midrange.”

You can certainly argue that HSM never was cool or popular, but at least BlueArc and HDS have clustered name space for scale out NAS. That’s cool, at least for NAS administrators. “One of our nearest competitors in the NAS space is still trying to solve this problem,” Oh said, jabbing NetApp for its long delay in adding support for scale-out NAS clusters to its Ontap operating system.

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