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HP settles EDS shareholder lawsuit

Last week I noted that EDS shareholders had filed suit to delay the closing of HP’s acquisition of the IT services company. The Wall Street Journal has since reported that HP and EDS will settle with those shareholders. As part of the settlement agreement, HP and EDS will delay the merger until Aug. 18. That allows investors to reap an additional 5 cent-per-share dividend. The companies have also agreed to turn over more information about the structure of the deal requested by shareholders.

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What's the best benefit of VDI?
Love being able to make one change and have it affect many "computers"
dinCloud talks about having success in VDI without really talking. Xsigo’s fast server connections, up to 40Gbps, eliminate I/O bottlenecks. Xsigo’s I/O consolidation simplifies the most complex deployments down to just two cables per server, reducing I/O cost by 50%. And Xsigo’s I/O isolation allows multiple functional groups to gain the security and performance benefits of isolated servers and networkswhile giving the IT staff the management simplicity of a shared fabric.
Read it complete here:
Although most of us here are in managing VDIs , We should always focus on user experience. Which is desktop flexibility.
even though all the three are best benefits of VDI,simpler management is more important