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HP debuts news Ibrix scale-out NAS system

Hewlett-Packard Co. recently announced a new enterprise scale-out network attached storage (NAS) system – the HP Ibrix X9730 – that scales  to 1.68 PB of capacity in a single system and 16 PB in a single namespace.

The storage system, which replaces the HP Ibrix X9720 model, does typical NAS functions but it is also designed for high-volume, long-term active archiving for unstructured data. The array is three times faster on writes and five times faster on reads compared to the 9720, said Patrick Osborne, a director of product management at HP’s storage division.

“This system is bigger and denser,” Osborne said. “You can deploy a 1.7-petabyte cluster in about two hours from the time you power it on. The system is meant for tier three or four archiving. We are not selling it for high-performance, parallel computing. The software in the system if more for longer data storage but you can use it as an unstructured data repository. It’s a NAS system at the end of the day.”

The HP Ibrix X9730 is 5U and scales up to 16 file server nodes and eight capacity blocks, with each block containing 70 drives. The system now supports 3 TB and 2 TB midline SAS drives, as well as CIFS, NFS, HTTP, HTTP/S, WebDAV, FTP, FTP/S and NDMP protocols. A two-node 210 TB configuration is priced at $223,589 or $1 a Gigabyte, Osborne said.

In comparison, the 9720 scaled up to 1.2 PB. That product is designated as end-of-life but will be supported for five years.

Like the 9720, the 9730 system is targeted for media, entertainment and content depository. It supports archive applications such as Symantec Enterprise Vault and CommVault Simpana. The 9730 comes with the HP Ibrix Constant Validation Software that generates check sums to determine data is not corrupted.

It also comes with a data mobility feature for tiering data in the same namespace based on data access and file type. A WORM data retention capability marks files as retained. HP’s Ibrix operating system software v6.1 streamlines and simplifies the Ibrix storage system deployment so it can be implement in a shorter time. The system is based on a pay-as-you-grow architecture, reducing the chance of over-provisioning.

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