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HP brings Helion services to the cloud

HP has renamed an extended version of its managed storage and backup services as Helion.

Formerly called Storage Management Services and Backup Restore services, Helion now is positioned as a managed cloud offering that uses HP 3PAR StoreServ and HP StoreOnce Backup systems as the underlying hardware. The offering can be customized for private, virtual private and public cloud. It leverages block, file and object storage along with backup services.

“We collapsed a set of servers and provisioned gigabytes of storage into a single offering,” said Mike Meeker, HP’s global offering manager for HP enterprise services.”The focus is extending the existing offering. We have a core set of services and structures. With that structure comes the ability of multiple features.”

Meeker said the offering can be customized. For instance, multiple-tiers in a SAN or block array can be configured for high performance applications that require low latency. The service also has tiers of files services that can be used for numerous use case based on the type of application and databases across private, virtual private and public clouds.

Its customized configurations leverage block, file and object storage as well as backup services powered by HP 3PAR StorServ and HP StoreOnce Backup systems. The different tiers and features are front-ended with a new portal.

The block-based service targets application and databases that need high-performance via Fiber Channel communications. The file storage is for NAS to provide file-level storage accessed via the Internet protocol. The object storage provides backup applications the ability to add, delete and modify files via REST or HTTP protocols. Server backup creates copies of data for services in the data center and remote offices.

“They now have the flexibility to pick and choose different tiers, at different price points and different application needs,” Meeker said.

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