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HDS rolls out private cloud services, eyes Big Data

By Sonia R. Lelii, Senior News Writer

Hitachi Data Systems is putting technology from its BlueArc and Parascale acquisitions to work in its private storage cloud and Big Data plans.

HDS today upgraded its Cloud Service for Private File Tiering, and rolled out its Cloud Service for File Serving and Cloud Service for Microsoft SharePoint Archiving as part of its infrastructure cloud strategy.

HDS also outlined its vision for its infrastructure, content and information clouds. BlueArc’s NAS products will provide file storage capabilities in the infrastructure and content clouds while Parascale Cloud Storage (PCS) fits into the content and information clouds.

HDS acquired Parascale for an undisclosed price in August 2010 and bought its long-time NAS OEM partner BlueArc for $600 million last month.

HDS’ strategy is to make its content cloud a single platform for data indexing, search and discovery.

HDS rolled out its Private File Tiering service in June 2010 for tiering data from a NetApp filer to the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). Now it adds HCP support for EMC NAS. The file service and SharePoint cloud services let users share files and SharePoint from different geographic locations over a LAN, WAN or MAN. These services require a Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) caching device in remote sites or branches to tier data to a central location that houses the HCP.

Tanya Loughlin, HDS’ manager of cloud product marketing, said these services already exist but now HDS is packaging them as a cloud that it will manage for customers. The cloud services include a management portal to access billing, payment and chargeback information.

“It’s a private cloud service,” Loughlin said “Customers don’t have to pay for hardware. They pay on a per-gigabyte basis. This is a way to augment staff and push some of the less-used data to us. We’ll manage it.”

Pricing is not available yet. “We are finalizing that now,” she said. “The products that fit into these services are already priced, so this is a bundling exercise now.”

HDS plans to tackle Big Data through its information cloud strategy by integrating analytics tools and processes into PCS. PCS aggregates Linux servers into one virtual storage appliance for structured and unstructured data. Loughlin said HDS will also use Parascale, BlueArc NAS and the HDS Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) SAN array to connect data sets and identify patterns for business intelligence in the health, life sciences and energy research fields.

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