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HDS adds solid-state drives to USP disk arrays

Bringing up the rear among major vendors pledging support for solid-state drives (SSD), Hitachi Data Systems today said it would ship SSDs in its enterprise Universal Storage Platform and midrange USP-VM disk arrays in the first quarter of next year.

HDS did not reveal any partners for the SSDs it will ship in 73 GB and 146 GB capacities next year. The press release said  HDS plans to also offer the SSDs being developed by Hitachi GST and Intel, but those products are not expected to ship until 2010. STEC is the other manufacturer of enterprise FC and SAS drives currently on the market.

HDS is ringing in the new year with a different tune than the one it sang in early 2008. Shortly after EMC announced support for SSDs in Symmetrix in January, HDS sought out reporters to throw water on the idea, saying there was no market for SSDs. (Though chief scientist Claus Mikkelsen also mentioned that HDS could support the drives and would “jump right in” if EMC had in fact “created a market” for SSDs).

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