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Google-watchers uncover clues on possibly impending GDrive

I didn’t realize before today that there is such a rich niche community of bloggers focused solely on watching every move Google makes.

Color me more educated after I ran across some detective work by two bloggers today in my Google Reader (make of that what you will) which makes a case that Google is preparing to launch a long-rumored cloud file storage service known as GDrive.

Tony Ruscoe at Google Blogoscoped described GDrive this way: “the most eagerly anticipated Google product ever, with rumors literally going back years.” In January, he pointed out a reference to a “Google Web Drive” option in a beta release of Google’s photo-sharing software, Picasa, for Mac. Ruscoe also published a post that month in which several more tantalizing hints toward a possible Google Web Drive were uncovered in cached copies of Google documents in search engines (irony, anyone?).

Fast forward to this morning, and another blog dubbed Google Operating System, tagline, “An unofficial blog that watches Google’s attempts to move your operating system online,” posted on more possible clues in the latest update to the Google Docs interface:

The new interface of Google Docs, which is slowly rolled out to all users, brings the service one step closer to an online storage service. The “items by type” menu replaced “PDFs” with “Files”, suggesting that Google Docs will allow users to upload any type of files.

On the one hand, GDrive has been rumored and “impending” for years. On the other hand, with competitors like Amazon and Microsoft launching cloud storage services, it seems like a no-brainer for Google to want to compete in trendy cloud storage. But will this be the year? Stay tuned…

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