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FCoE bickering continues apace

So far our posts on reactions to the newly proposed FCoE standard have drawn quite a discussion. Adding to that discussion last week were two stories by Senior News Writer Nicole Lewis on our sister site,, which detailed response to the proposal by iSCSI vendors and resellers. The first story, iSCSI vendors: Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) proposal is purely defensive, from April 17, highlights also that the ANSI T11 standards body has also heard arguments for a slightly different “Fibre Channel over Convergence Enhanced Ethernet (FCoCEE) standard”.

The second, posted this week, is a two-part point-counterpoint Q & A with Doug Ingraham, Brocade’s senior director of product management, and John Joseph, EqualLogic’s vice president of marketing. Ingraham argues FC and iSCSI are still going after different markets; Joseph comes out swinging with the statement that “this announcement means Fibre Channel vendors are planning to get rid of the FC wire, but are keeping the protocol, which is hard for customers to implement and manage, but preserves vendors’ high-margin equipment, professional services and peripheral sales.” 

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