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Everything you always wanted to know about data backup but were afraid to ask

Who you gonna call when your computer’s toast?
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Guess which IT discipline the experts expect to be the most resilient in the face of the recession? You guessed it: good ol’ backup. Perhaps the least glorified job in the data center, at times among the most poorly understood–and still chugging along, as the growth of corporate data waits for no man or stock market.

As we begin to look forward to time off for the holidays the New Year, then, what better perspective to take on the storage industry than a careful look at backup, the technical advances that have made it vastly more complicated (but potentially vastly more efficient as well), and the people who are making it work in different environments? This week we’re running a feature piece by yours truly at our site that examines all of the above…and more.

Part I is up today, covering everybody’s favorite topic: disk vs. tape. There’s even a little NAS disk vs. VTL disk for those who like things a little spicier. Tomorrow will see Part 2, focused on software. Thursday’s Part 3 will examine outsourcing and the cloud. Friday’s finale will address the ways parts 1-3 still won’t get on top of the data growth rate at big companies any time soon. Yay!

Hope everyone who made the venerable disk vs. tape debate so lively on this blog will tune in, and offer their own views.

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If you had to recover a VirtualBox VM, how would you do it?
I can't believe anyone uses vbox. I've tried vBox on numerous hosts thinking I had done something wrong. I've tried it on: XP/Win 7 and various Linux distros and it's slow, with dodgy graphics and crashy. I dug deeper and the consensus is "it's garbage." Now checking out Win8 hyperv.
Here's the trick: avoid virtualbox like the plague or you will need to know how recover a vm.