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Email archiving latecomer Atempo sweetens deal with file archiving integration

Better late than never. Backup software vendor Atempo has ventured into the email archiving market by coming out with the first full integration into its product line of intellectual property it acquired with Lighthouse Global Technologies in February.

Obviously, the release of an email archiving product is hardly earth-shattering. That market is headed for maturity very rapidly. Atempo knows this, which is why it actually released its email archiving software, called the Atempo Digital Archive for Messaging (ADAM), after releasing its file archiving software (ADA).

The first edition of ADAM will be integrated with ADA from the get-go. Atempo has also included features that not all of its predecessors have, such as message stubbing and support for Lotus email. But it’s the file archiving integration, according to Atempo’s VP of marketing Karim Toubba, “that shrinks a competitive landscape of more than 20 players down to just a few.”

In another attempt to differentiate ADAM, Atempo is using search from Exalead, rather than the more commonly used FAST or open-source search engines. This allows for automated retention according to message header info for e-Discovery.

“The downside for Atempo is that their brand is associated with Apple and the Mac,” said Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Brian Babineau, referring to Atempo’s TimeNavigator backup software. “On the positive side, they have a strong European and channel presence.”

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