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EMC's Tucci: It's all about the cloud

The early message from EMC executives at EMC World is, “If you’re not using a private cloud yet, you’re late.”

That’s how EMC chief marketing officer Jeremy Burton opened the first day’s keynote session.

“If you have not begun the journey to the private cloud, what are you doing? You’re late,” said Burton, adding “cloud meets big data is what EMC World is all about.”

EMC CEO Joe Tucci declared “the cloud wave is the biggest and most disruptive change we’ve seen yet in IT” during the early moments of his keynote.

And just in case anybody gets the idea that EMC has demoted another of its lynchpin technologies, Tucci said “virtualization is the key to the cloud. This is the year when most, if not all, mission critical applications get virtualized and run on cloud topologies. This will be the year when all IT professionals will understand the opportunities [presented by the cloud].”

Tucci also predicted a hybrid cloud combining private and public clouds will become the “de facto enterprise model” because it offers, among other things, “incredible levels of agility.”

Tucci gave a brief preview of EMC’s product launches at the show, including a new VPlex active-active storage system with asynchronous mirroring, some Isilon scaleout NAS tweaks, Hadoop support for Greenplum appliances and something he called Project Lightning. Tucci called Project Lighting “a top secret” and said EMC president Pat Gelsinger would address it during his keynote later today. Sources say Project Lighting involves flash solid state storage.

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