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EMC gives LifeLine consumer storage product a facelift

In the course of observing the festivities on NetApp and EMC blogs, I came across a sneaky little blog post/announcement from EMC about its LifeLine consumer storage product. According to The Storage Anarchist (aka Barry Burke), his post will be the only official announcement from EMC about LifeLine 1.1.

I’ve given up on trying to understand software release-numbering, btw. Sometimes it’s a “dot-oh” release for new OS support. Other times it’s a “dot one” for, say, Linux, Mac and NFS support, Active Directory integration, RAID 0, an embedded search engine, and oh, yeah, drive spin-down in a consumer NAS box.

But from Burke’s perspective as a guinea pig user of the product, maybe this release isn’t so significant. At the very least, it hasn’t checked off all the items on his wish list, including integration with Mozy similar to what was announced for Iomega hard drives last week, better TiVo integration and dedupe.

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But Gabe, are OnLive actually now using a Windows Server image ?

We are 99% sure that they just skinned a Windows 7 image to look like Server 2008 which is why they left all the obvious signs that it was Server 2008 on the 'desktop'.

Makes sense right ? Rather than re-engineer your entire infrastructure, just make it look like you are compliant in order to take the heat off.

We believe that they have not actually changed a thing and that they are still playing games with Microsoft.

Screenshots proving the theory coming shortly !
OnLive are still using a Windows 7 desktop, it just looks like a Server 2008 image.
That's just got to be Erik!

If you can prove it with hard evidence, I'll bang the drum and give you credit. You know how to get in touch with me :)

- Gabe
Let me add, too, that if you send screenshots, I also want to know the methods you used to get them so I can reproduce it myself.

You know what's even easier than faking an OS? Faking screenshots of an OS! :)
It’s in Microsoft’s best interest.
Microsoft needs to support the channel or we will need to move on to fully web based apps that do not require Windows Servers to support them. Win7 SPLA enables us to continue delivering MS based solutions in a fully hybrid cloud model fit to the customers needs.
Hey MS, don't you realize that the DAAS's are going to replace us old farts as we move on with the rest of our lives? Physical Desktops are a consumerable items just like used pieces of toilet paper. DAAS's are going to be the WallyWorld where business will buy their TP.
Microsoft should leverage all of their IPs to survive in this brutal technology world against fierce competition.
I figure it is going to happen. The timing will be interesting and what a suprise & coincidence it will be that MS announces DaaS at the same time.
Yes they have to !
Have been waiting for this for years... can't come soon enough.
MS should offer it… but the real question is which users should use it? VDI always costs more than RDS from an infrastructure view (regardless of licensing) – will users be mistakenly paying for more than they need if they go with VDI vs. RDS?
Yes, and windows 8
The ability to provide access to the applications and data that reside in their own data centers when connecting from the hosted desktop. Having dedicated network connections, storage replication, and directory services federation are basic steps to enable integration of the hosted solution with the corporate environment.