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EMC forms new subsidiary to house Mozy, Pi

Can you hear the Decho? That’s what EMC’s calling its newly launched subsidiary, Decho (short for Digital Echo) Corp. Decho will be a combination of two formerly separate EMC businesses: Mozy Inc. and Pi Corp.

Decho will continue to offer consumers and businesses Mozy-branded online backup services, including Mozy Enterprise, though Decho’s focus is on individual (read: consumer) data. “Another example of the trend Gartner has called the ‘consumerization of IT,’ ” a spokesperson wrote to me in an email this morning. (Although I wonder what the outlook is on that concept, given what else has been happening in consumer products lately.)

According to the announcement, Decho will also introduce new cloud-based services for individuals over time. These services will likely be based on Pi’s still-stealthy IP, which at the time of EMC’s acquisition of Pi was described as cloud middleware that makes data accessible using multiple types of endpoint devices.

Right now the Pi still seems to be under wraps (cooling on a windowsill, maybe?), since no details are forthcoming about what future Decho services might be. Quoth the EMC spokesperson, “[Future services] will be focused on helping people do things with their data once it’s in the cloud. The new services will address the growing challenge people have as the amount of their data increases in volume and value, as it persists over time and is spread across multiple devices and services.”

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