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EDS shareholders to HP: not so fast

The news today was about a huge storage networking acquisition by Brocade, but another mammoth merger we covered here earlier is reportedly hitting a snag. The AP reports that some EDS shareholders are trying to pressure EDS into asking HP for more than the $13 billion it’s already been offered. Part of this pressure, according to the AP, is a plan to ask a judge in Collin County, Texas to postpone the company’s annual shareholder meeting. HP declined comment today.

While EDS is a huge player in the IT services industry and the acquisition obviously has tremendous value for HP, these shareholders would do well to reference the recent parable of Carl Icahn and MicroHoo.

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What caused your VDI project to stall or fail?
- The extreme cost of Windows licensing.
- no central IT control
Moving bad habits to new environments. Making Ma & Pa shop decisions with Enterprise Money. Not thinking about what we are spending on SAN space, what are we buying for SAN space, how we are distributing resources and/or what the future will be right around the corner when we are driven to adopt Win 7 for App support.

Healthcare EMR Database Admin
Its just to much of a big step in an already stretched enviroement.
The application layer. Virtualization is sexy for the admin. But the user wants an workspace that is fast en appllication delivery should be fast. Also logon proces.
All of the above.
You ought to check out Unidesk to solve the problems of user workspaces and the same for faster provisioning of apps and gold images. A lot of the earlier complaints are management related and have been solved by this layering technology.