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Druva Cloud Platform zeros in on inactive data

Data protection provider Druva has launched platform-as-a-service capabilities to support indexed search queries of data across local and public cloud storage.

The Druva Cloud Platform is designed to help enterprises better manage and use information related to analytics, compliance, e-discovery and records retention. More than 30 RESTful APIs are included to allow third-party vendors to access data sets in Druva storage.

The API calls allow disparate information management applications to pull data directly from Druva InSync and Phoenix storage platforms. Druva cloud storage uses Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure as a target destination for inactive data that companies need to keep for legal regulations.

Global source-side data deduplication creates a single gold copy in the cloud. The Druva cloud technology takes point-in-time snapshots of queried data and applies advanced encryption. Changed data blocks are synchronized to deduplicated data sets in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

The APIs allow disparate information management systems to communicate directly with Druva to improve data hygiene, said Dave Packer, a Druva vice president of product and corporate marketing.

“We designed Druva Cloud Platform so your data doesn’t have to traverse across corporate networks.  We take care behind the scenes to ensure handoffs occur accordingly, without taxing internal systems,” Packer said.

Druva’s SaaS pricing is based on deduplicated data and starts at $6 per user per month.

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