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Drobo launches mobile file sharing for unstructured data

Drobo this week unveiled DroboAccess to enable mobile file sharing on its NAS boxes.

DroboAccess lets customers access and share files stored on Drobo NAS  from any device or location. The capability is available on the Drobo 5N for small businesses and the Drobo B810n for larger configurations.

The new software capability, which is part of the myDrobo suite of applications, allows customers to access and share files on their Drobo with end-to-end security. The mobile file sharing capability also allows users to share files or folders that can be designated read-only or read/write with password options.

“Three out of 10 of our customers are asking for this,” said Rod Harrison, CTO at Drobo.

Harrison said Drobo is using Pagekite as a partner to provide a secure tunnel for the data. Data is encrypted on the Drobo device before it is transferred. DroboAccess is an extension of the company’s myDrobo service platform that encrypts data end-to-end.

“This is something that can be complex getting it all to work for yourself. Your cable wire will have a firewall and you have to figure out the right ports and you have to worry about security,” Harrison said.

DroboAccess currently is available for free on 5N and B810n on the Drobo dashboard. The iOS and Android applications are available for 99 cents on the App Store and Google Play.

When Drobo and Connected Data merged in 2013, there were plans to combine Connected Data’s file-sharing Transporter technology with Drobo hardware, but  Drobo was spun out in 2015 to a separate group.