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Dell goes from public to private, hopes to re-energize its strategy

Dell Inc. is reverting into a private company, while it tries to relaunch its strategy of becoming a stronger enterprise player.

On Thursday, CEO Michael Dell and CFO Brian Gladden said shareholders finally approved multi-billion dollar deal that gives Michael Dell control of the company he founded back in 1984. Shareholders have agreed to a sell the company to the CEO and private equity firm Silver Lake Partners for $25 billion, giving Michael Dell 75 percent ownership of the firm.

During a Thursday conference call, Michael Dell said they plan to “go back to our roots.”  However, the strategy that Dell and Gladden offered seemed to be more of the same, with plans to invest in customers’ end-to-end IT needs, increase software revenues and expand the partnership program. The company has made a slew of acquisitions in the last several years, particularly in storage , as it tried to become more of an enterprise-level company.  Executives did not offer much about technology details, other than saying they have the products needed to to be recognized as more than a PC company.

“We have done a broad reset of our strategy over the last four years,” said Gladden. “We are recognized as having a full portfolio of enterprise solutions. Now its time for execution.”

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