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Dell combines object storage with the RainStor database

Dell’s strategy for dealing with “big data” is to shrink it.

The shrinking tool Dell is using is partner RainStor’s database packaged with the Dell DX Object Storage platform. Dell will sell the combination under the Big Data Retention brand. The  RainStor database is also certified to work with Dell’s EqualLogic and Compellent SANs, but the reseller deal is limited to DX for now.

The RainStor database, which can work as a standalone repository or as an analytics platform with Hadoop, has its own patented form of deduplication that Dell claims can provide an average data compression ratio of up to 40 to 1. The RainStor database dedupes data and writes a file to any type of storage, such as the DX Object Storage. Dell already owns deduplication technology it acquired via its Ocarina Network acquisition. The Ocarina deduplication has been built into the Dell DR4000 disk backup system and also is expected to be integrated into the Dell Fluid File system.

“We consider [RainStor’s deduplication] to be a complementary technology to Ocarina,” said Amy Price, a manager at Dell’s Storage Data Management Group.

Big Data Retention Solution customers can add capacity from as small 2 TBs while scaling to petabytes and billions of objects without the need to manage LUNS and RAID groups that is part of tradiational storage.

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