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Dell adds Ocarina compression to object storage

Dell today revealed the first product it will release using data reduction technology from its Ocarina acquisition 15 months ago: The DX6000G Storage Compression Node (SCN) for its DX object storage system.

The DX6000G SCN is an appliance based on the Dell PowerEdge R410 server that connects to its DX6000 object storage nodes. Dell director of DX product marketing Brandon Canaday said the compression appliance can reduce data by 90%, depending on file types. Although Ocarina technology can dedupe or compress files, the object storage appliance will only use compression. It has two modes — Fast Compression mode is optimized for performance and Best Compression mode is optimized for capacity reduction. Customers can choose one or both modes.

Canady said customers can set policies to use fast compression when data is first brought onto the storage system and then switch to the best compression after a pre-configured time period. The appliance uses different compression algorithms depending on file type.

“It’s like applying tiered intelligent compression,” Canady said. “Because we maintain metadata with the file inside of the storage device, we can employ algorithmic policies as part of the lifecycle management of content.”

List price for the DX6000G SCN will begin at about $25,000, depending on the amount of data ingested. The appliance will become generally available next week.

Dell plans to incorporate Ocarina’s compression and deduplication across its storage systems, with more reduction products expected early next year. Canady said the performance and compression modes will likely show up in all of the data reduction appliances.

“Each implementation is likely to be slightly different, but we see value in having a performance approach and a capacity approach,” he said.

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