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Datacatch extends Google Desktop to thumb drives, CD-ROMs

Another software company riding the Google wave came to our attention this week–Datacatch, an Australian company which already markets an indexing tool for offline media written by Windows clients, including tape, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs, as well as flash drives.

Datacatch has been marketing its Data Librarian product for $39 to small-office and home-office users, as well as small enterprises. This week, the company announced a new free plugin to Google Desktop that will merge Google Desktop Search with Data Librarian, based on Google’s API for developers.

According to Datacatch’s CEO Lindsay Lyon, the product currently is Windows client-based and can’t be run centrally, but updates are planned for the third quarter of this year that will create a networked-storage version of Data Librarian could make it possible for midsize organizations to add Google Desktop to their backup clients, a far less expensive proposition than something like Index Engines’  enterprise-level eDiscovery Appliance, which performs similar searches on offline tape media starting at a cool $50,000.

Granted, Lyon admitted, Data Librarian “is not intended to be the panacea for e-discovery and compliance”; if you have strict regulations you’re better off with an enterprise-class indexing product. But one place Lyons said the product could fit in the enterprise is as a personal assistant to enterprise IT pros managing hundreds of CD-ROMs worth of development software licensing subscriptions, for example.

“A lot of software developers also archive code to DVD in test and development environments,” Lyons said. “Most IT pros have dozens of thumb drives, CDs or DVDs with licenses or installation files on them and other removable media in use that aren’t necessarily a part of the company’s main backup workflow.”

The product can be purchased online at

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