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DataGravity drops hints about data management product while building channel

DataGravity, the storage startup founded by EqualLogic veterans Paula Long and John Joseph, is in the whisper stage about its product that is scheduled to launch this year.

The startup is still keeping product details under wraps, and won’t get any more specific on a launch data than to say it will be generally available in 2014. But DataGravity will have a team headed by president Joseph at VMware Partner Exchange this week to woo channel partners. Joseph said DataGravity’s unstructured data management system is in beta following an alpha program that started last June.

Joseph said the DataGravity product will sell as an appliance, with the hardware serving as a delivery mechanism for the software that will manage, analyze and unlock the business value of file data.

“We want to get out of being a box pusher and into offering data solutions,” Joseph said of the system. “I would like to bring insight to our customers’ file-oriented business content.”

Joseph said he expects the appliance to be installed by a storage administrator, but will be a tool for business units rather than merely for storing data.

“The value starts in IT and motions out to the line of business,” he said. “We have the capability that IT people will love, but people in the legal department, finance, HR and marketing are going to say ‘Holy smokes, my time to answer has been cut in half by using this product and it’s so user-friendly I can get what I need in a fraction of the time.’”

Long, who was responsible for the engineering expertise behind the EqualLogic iSCSI SAN startup that Dell acquired for $1.4 billion in 2008, isn’t talking technology yet regarding DataGravity. In a YouTube video produced to drop hints about the product, CEO Long says DataGravity is “out to change table stakes for storage,” is “turning the light on to your data” and “will bring color and flavor and language to your storage.”

So if your storage looks and tastes bland and doesn’t say much, DataGravity will change all that.

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