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DataDirect adds ‘mini’ array for big data

DataDirect Networks (DDN) launched two storage systems for people who want to start small in their approach to “big data.”

DDN is known for storage systems that deliver extreme performance and capacity but also carry large price tags. To try to broaden its market, the vendor this week introduced lower-priced arrays, including one that starts at $100,000 during introduction pricing that runs until the end of June.

“We found there are a lot of customers and prospective customers looking to start with DataDirect at a lower price and form factor while benefitting from scalability,” DDN marketing VP Jeff Denworth said.

The new systems are the DDN SFA10K-M and SFA10K-ME. The 10K-M scales to 720 TB with InfiniBand or Fibre Channel networking and  with SAS, SATA or solid-state drives (SSDs). Customers can upgrade the 20u system to the larger SFA10K-X.

The SFA10K-ME is the same hardware as the 10K-M, but can be bundled with DDN’s GridScaler or ExaScaler parallel file systems. The promotional $100,000 price is for a SFA10K-M with eight InfiniBand ports, a 60-slot disk enclosure, and 16 GB of mirrored cache.

DDN says its new systems cost 40% less with a 57% smaller form factor than its larger SFA storage arrays.

“The news of dramatically smaller footprints and reduced-cost SFA entry points is not what we’re used to hearing from a company that is accustomed to extending the scalability and performance envelopes of big data applications,” Taneja Group analyst Jeff Byrne wrote of DDN’s new systems in a blog on the Taneja web site.

Denworth said the new systems fill a gap in DDN’s product line between the S2A6620 midrange storage for media/entertainment and high performance computing and the SFA10K-X high-bandwidth petabyte capacity platforms.

“Customers can grow the system as requirements and budget dictates,” Denworth said.

SFA10K-M customers can upgrade to DDN 10K or SFA12K systems, but they would have to take the systems offline. There are no non-disruptive upgrades.

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