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DataCore teaches SANsymphony-V to play in the cloud

DataCore has upgraded its SANsymphony-V storage virtualization and management software to make it better suited to large enterprises and clouds. The vendor launched SANsymphony-V 9 today with new or expanded automated disk pooling, auto-tiering, asynchronous remote replication, synchronized mirroring, disk migration and load balancing.

Previous version of SANsymphony-V targeted the midmarket. With version 9, DataCore is going after large data centers, companies looking to build private cloud,s and cloud service providers with private, public or hybrid cloud offerings.

“We are trying to take it up a higher level,” DataCore CEO George Teixeira said. “We have automated tasks to make it simple, so you don’t have to focus on the details. Most of the commands and features have been made more adaptive.”

SANsymphony-V, which DataCore bills as a storage hypervisor, allows data on disk, solid state drives (SSDs), and Google cloud storage to be managed as a single pool. Auto-tiering can be applied so that administrators can put higher performing applications in memory, while archiving data into the cloud, Teixeira said.

DataCore also automated its N+1 scaling feature, allowing administrators to scale capacity and processors by adding one node at a time. The extra node can take over if any node in the cluster is lost.

Snapshots of multiple drives now can be done with a single click, and one-to-many bidirectional replication has been automated. Load balancing among multiple drives has also been automated.

DataCore is also adding reporting for chargeback and a DataCore Cloud Service Provider Program that offers new licensing options allowing CSPs to license the storage virtualization at a fixed monthly, per-Terabyte rate.

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