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Data Deposit Box adds VPN hosting, becomes KineticD

The online backup company formerly known as Data Deposit Box is branching out into new cloud-based IT services and relaunching under a new name, KineticD.

Data Deposit Box’s online backup and recovery service will now be known as KineticD Secure. A new service launched along with the new branding this week, KineticD Extend, is a hosted VPN service that allows users to remotely access data over a wide-area network (WAN). KineticD Extend is a part of the same software client users download to send data backups from a machine to the cloud. The machine being remotely accessed needs the client installed, but the access can be done using KineticD’s Web portal.

At first hosted VPN services and online backup might not appear to be related, but KineticD is tying the concepts together as one cloud data storage offering offering online data backup and access to files from anywhere. Files backed up to the KineticD service can also be accessed via the Web portal.

KineticD isn’t exactly in an empty market with this service — well-known competitors such as Citrix GoToMyPC and LogMeIn also provide similar remote access features.

That’s where KineticD and Data Deposit Box founder and CEO Jamie Brenzel says the company plans to compete with larger players on price, and target the SOHO / SMB market. KineticD will charge $2 per gigabyte per month for online storage, and won’t charge software licensing fees. The number of machines that can be backed up to the cloud service is unlimited.

On the online backup side, KineticD also isn’t alone in trying to expand its offerings to attract end users to its service; online backup storage service provider Dmailer is giving away its local backup software for free in an effort to entice customers to sign up for its Dmailer Online services, a move analysts say reflects the fierce competition in this emerging market.

KineticD won’t be making that kind of move, Brenzel said. “The storage market is very competitive, but it’s not about giving things away for free,” he said. “We’re balancing industrial strength solutions with ease of use, and in our market, ease of use trumps free.”

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