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CommVault eyes expansion with Simpana 10

Although CommVault had a strong quarter to finish 2012, CEO Bob Hammer spent nearly as much time on the backup vendor’s earnings call this week talking about what is coming rather than what happened.

Without going into too much technical detail, Hammer previewed Simpana 10 ahead of its Feb. 25 rollout. He said the next version of the Simpana backup and management software will include current core technologies such as depuplication and snapshots while adding features to help attract customers in new markets.

Hammer said Simpana 10 will include new features for protecting data on mobile devices and analytics – areas that have not been well-served by traditional backup products — and increased capabilities for storing and managing data in private and public clouds.

Some of the features will include next generation archiving, improved integration with shared services, and more comprehensive reporting and monitoring.

“We’re doing all of this in a way nobody else has done it before,” Hammer said in an interview after the earnings call. “We have massive scale and automation and multi-tenancy, and only make one copy for backup and archive.”

Hammer said the changes are needed to reflect the way customers now protect and manage data, which is created much faster and has more regulatory requirements tied to it than ever before.

“Data management technology has to change,” he said. “With mobile data, customers are having problems protecting data because the technologies they’re using today aren’t adequate to back up in an adequate timeframe. They don’t have time to back it up, and when they do, they have difficulty finding it.”

Part of the scalability for Simpana 10 will be inclusion of an object-based repository, Hammer said. He said Simpana will handle metadata separately, the way object-based storage systems do. “And it’s open, so a third party can write to it,” Hammer said. “You can crawl the network and get data in in a different way than we’ve done in the past. You can search the metadata before you search objects, then do a deeper dive on the content itself.”

CommVault is doing fine with Simpana 9. Its $128 million revenue last quarter was up 24% over the previous year and 8% over the prior quarter. Hammer said he expects to hit $1 billion in annual revenue in a few years, with Simpana 10 the catalyst.

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