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Coho Data looks to expand fledgling storage platform with funding haul

Coho Data this week pulled in $25 million in funding to expand and market the scale-out storage platform it launched into beta last month.

CTO Andy Warfield said new funding will be used to add features to the Coho DataStream series in 2014. The DataStream is a hybrid storage system that combines a software-controlled switch with PCI flash and hard drives that Coho sees as a building block for companies who want Amazon-style storage.

The original product is file-based. Warfield said the vendor has seen little demand for Fibre Channel or iSCSI but there have been requests for FC over Ethernet (FCoE), so FCoE support will likely follow next year. There will also probably be SMB protocol support coming to go with NFS-only in the original version, and deduplication and replication are on the roadmap list.

Warfield said Coho Data will also announce a product upgrade path next year. “You can expect a continuous and dynamic approach to upgrades than has historically been the case for storage products.”

As Coho Data prepares to make its product generally available, Warfield said the target audience has shifted from the original plan of marketing to small-to-medium businesses (SMBs).

“We found SMBs had no need for the performance we get from our box,” he said. “But we found larger storage environments with from three petabytes to 10 petabyte range environments often had performance pain with their existing enterprise storage.”

Coho DataStream micro arrays ship with 3.2 TB of raw flash (Intel SSD 910 PCI cards) and 36 TB of spinning disk. Warfield said the startup uses a pricing model similar to the Amazon AWS provisioned IOPS model. He said 40,000 IOPS with a three-year support contract costs around $2.50 per GB.

The B funding round was led by new investor Ignition Partners with previous investor Andreeson Horowitz participating, and brings Coho Data’s total funding to $35 million.

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