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CloudByte looks to displace other ZFS storage

Despite the company name, CloudByte’s ElastiStor software isn’t limited to cloud storage. The ZFS-based software provides Quality of Service (QoS) for storage capabilities separately for each application, and can apply to data centers and virtual machine storage as well as clouds.

However, the startup is concentrating on attracting cloud provides with  features in ElastiStor 1.2 designed to attract cloud providers.

These features include the ability tt migrate data from other ZFS-based vendors through the ElastiStor console, SAS multipathing and support for high availability failover for Fibre channel storage.

CloudByte CEO Greg Goelz said the changes provide flexibility for cloud providers to change their storage infrastructure and use multiple technologies. The ability to migrate from other ZFS systems does that plus can help CloudByte get a foothold with new service providers.

“If you can leave data in place and move to a new storage controller, than there is truly no vendor lock-in,” CloudByte CEO Greg Goelz said. “We can move people to a cloud-based solution.”

CloudByte recently picked up cloud provider Netmagic as a customer. Shriranga Mulay, Netmatic’s SVP of engineering, said his company was sold on the QoS features and ability to avoid vendor lock-in. Mulay said Netmagic will use CloudByte software to guarantee various performance levels in its storage services.

“We plan to use it for a service where we can guarantee performance,” he said. “We’ll use it in connection with existing services, but to differentiate service levels.”

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